Vitamin B-3 (Niacinamide)

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Niacinamide is not just another niacin! Although they're closely related and their names are similar, there are some big differences between niacinamide and regular niacin.

  • Both play vital roles in contributing to a normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Niacin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  • Niacinamide doesn't cause the "niacin flush" associated with ordinary niacin supplements.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 Capsule

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value

Niacin (as niacinamide) 250 mg NE 1,563%

*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients:
Rice flour, gelatin, magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day with water.

Niacin may cause temporary skin flushing, tingling and/or itching, especially when taken on an empty stomach. This is a natural and harmless reaction.